If you would like to add your blog to this aggregator, email Dr. B: tenbrunos at yahoo.com (tenbrunos@yahoo.com)

To place an LDS Online Mission World button on your Blogspot blog, copy and paste the following code into your HTML/JavaScript widget, then take out the # signs:

<#a href="http://officialmormonmission.blogspot.com/"><img src="http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t309/GenevieveBruno/NewButton1.jpg" /></a#>  

For WordPress

Go to Dashboard, Choose Appearance.  Under Manage Themes choose widgets. Click on text widget and drag over to sidebar. Click on  right side of text widget. A box will appear.  Paste the code from above in box with no title. Remove the #signs.  Click save.

Alternate method

Right click picture above save image where you can find it.  Go to Blogger design get a new gadget. Choose picture gadget. click attach photo find photo and open it. Type the URL: http://officialmormonmission.blogspot.com  Then click save.


Go to Dashboard. Under media. Save button from above.  Copy the URL from Wordpress. Next choose appearance. Under Manage Themes. Click Widgets. A list of widgets will appear. Click on Image and Drag to sidebar on right. Click on right side of image widget a box will appear.

Montana Billings Mission